Wellness – Day 2 STRETCH

Stretching trumped all other wellness activities today which was impressive in itself. I will start by listing the other activities, as the goal of this blog is to share my Wellness Journey with you. Today’s daily wellness activities included a fabulous, unexpectedly long bike ride to the school to drop off a forgotten item, an in-person walk and talk with a friend, a short but powerful nap, a 1 1/2-mile trail walk, 15 minutes playing the guitar, a delicious potato and corn soup meal that came together with some leftovers on a whim in no time at all, 15 minutes on the guitar and then, drum roll, please- a 30 minute freestyle stretch. When I say freestyle stretch, I mean that I did not follow a guided routine or video. I completed a random flow of stretches and yoga poses that I have learned over the years to target the entire body. I used a bathrobe belt as a yoga strap to assist my range of motion. The time spent stretching was free, priceless, and fabulous!


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