Wellness – Day 1 Take Inventory

Here is a snapshot of my wellness journey today:

A long, wonderful walk while chatting on the phone: Physical,/Mental/Social

A conscious effort to drink water throughout the day. Physical

Chores: Physical / Mental

Prepare for Next Day – Physical/Mental

Organize Items – Mental

Work on my website: Mental

Phone conversation with friend about ideas and goals. Mental/Social

Phone conversation with a loved one. Social

Delicious meal eaten with my family made from items on hand. Rotini pasta, kidney beans, black and green olives, giardiniera mix, Italian dressing, and torn up bakery loaf bread mixed together. I did add some walnuts and water chestnuts but I would omit those items next time. Physical/Social

Played guitar – Physical/Mental

Shower – Physical

Hopefully, a good night of sleep. I did a lot today! Physical

I feel productive. Physical/Mental

Take your daily inventory! There is no right or wrong answer. Identify any imbalances and strategize ways to recalibrte.