The First Day of School

Now that you have prepared for the first day of school it is finally here!  It is exciting!  Have a plan for the students upon arrival and clearly communicate that plan.   Visual aids are helpful.  “Hello!  Please sit here until everyone arrives.”  Or ”Hello!  Please find your assigned seat.”

Have everyone’s attention before you speak.  Greet the group, introduce yourself, and state the title of the class.  Hello!  My name is Ms.Smith and this is period 3 Physical Education.  Take attendance using the class roster.  

Everyone is anxious to move but take time to explain the classroom expectations, procedures, routines, classroom management plan, and grading system.  Introduce one or two topics each day.   Too much information at once is overload.  Begin with the essential information such as entrance/exit procedures, stop signals, and emergency drills.  Visual aids are  helpful.  Be prepared with an icebreaker activity.