Ship to Shore

Calling games are fun and easy to implement. No equipment except a playing area and a loud voice are needed. The instructor yells out a random command and players must complete the task associated with that command. There are many calling game themes. The theme for Ship to Shore is boats. Demonstrate, explain, and practice the commands. Here are a few ideas for some basic commands. Be creative and tailor the commands to your group. To make this a competitive game, players get out if they complete the wrong task, fail to complete the task associated with that command or are the last to complete a task.

Ship: An area of the playing area should be designated as the ship.

Shore: An area opposite of the ship area is designated as the shore.

Raise the sail: Mimic a hand over hand motion that would raise a sail.

Swab the deck: Mimic mopping the deck.

All hands on deck: Put both hands flat on the floor.

Submarine: Hands and knees position and raise one hand like the submarine’s topside.

Walk the Plank: Plank position.

Captain is Coming: Salute.

Rescue Ring: 2 people join hands around a player standing in the middle

Man overboard: Get into crabwalk position.

Rescue Boat: Call this command followed by a number and players must get into groups of that number.

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