Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill.  For many it is a fear.   It is an integral part of being a teacher. From day one you will need to give instruction which will involve public speaking.  Visual aids are helpful.  A skilled or experienced speaker will have diction that flows.  My first experience addressing a class was not smooth.  Public speaking was new to me. Admittedly, it was and still isn’t a strength or favorite of mine. I do not recall my exact words but I do know that my words definitely did not flow.  I spoke too fast. I was not loud enough.  I used too many words to explain myself.  It still happens from time to time especially when I present a new lesson or I am tired or distracted.  Don’t be surprised if this happens especially if public speaking or teaching is new to you.  It does get easier with practice.  Physical Education teachers often teach the same lesson multiple times.  If you find yourself in this situation, note the changes from the first presentation of the lesson to the last.  Repetition should naturally lead to improvement.