Floor Spots

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Floor Spots can be used for games, social distancing, line ups, and visual aids.

Floor spots can have numbers, letters, and words on them. Floor spots can also be directional or be shapes other than a circle.

Be creative! The possibilities are endless.

The maze game. Create a 5×5 grid of floor spots 1 foot apart. Object of the game: To figure out the maze. No spot may be stepped on twice. Designate a player to be the map reader. The map reader stands facing the line on the opposite end of the grid and holds the map. The first player steps on one of the 5 dots in the first row. The map reader determines if it is the correct route with a nod. If so, player continues. If not, the next player must repeat the pattern without error and try to figure out the next part of the maze. When a maze is solved, move to the next maze challenge and change the map reader. 3 Maze Challenges and a Maze Template.

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