A consequence is the result of an action. Consequences can be positive or negative.

Take time during the first few days of school to explain expectations then consequences. Utilize positive consequences such as rewards to motivate the class. Utilize negative consequences to maintain a safe learning environment.

Safety must be maintained at all times. A clear plan of action for off task behavior contributes to a fair and safe learning environment. Become familiar with any school wide student conduct policies and align your consequences accordingly. Keep consequences simple to execute, fair, and realistic.  A first offense may be as simple as a verbal warning so long as safety is not compromised. A consequence for a second offense may be a time out. A third offense may be a communication to a parent or guardian. Excessive off task behavior may require additional tactics such as administrative or guidance intervention, behavior plans, mentoring, or guardian involvement. Avoid using class time to address an individual that continues off task but safe behavior despite verbal warnings. This may be perceived as a reward for negative behavior.

If a group is off task, stop the activity, reinforce expectations, and make necessary changes to the activity procedures. On task behavior is critical for a safe and positive learning environment.

It is important to be fair and consistent when implementing a classroom management plan. It becomes a challenge when an individual or group has circumstances beyond our control or unbeknownst to us.

Teaching Tip: Create and use visual aid(s) to explain and reinforce the information.

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