Assessment is a tool that measures student performance and gauges student learning. Some Physical Education programs may have premade assessments that are expected to be used. These would be found in the curriculum or via a Supervisor. Other programs rely on the individual teacher or department to determine how students will be assessed. A grade in Physical Education can be based on being prepared, participation, and tests. The movement component of Physical Education is unique. How to assess that movement can be a creative challenge. Class size should be considered. Oftentimes Physical Education teachers have large classes and see many students. The challenge is to keep it simple to implement but reflective of student performance.

Think about assessment beforehand and be able to communicate how it will be done. A visual aid is always helpful. Use the first few days of school to explain how a student’s grade, if applicable, will be determined. Show an example of how a student can achieve a good grade. Then show an example of how a student would achieve a bad grade. It does not have to be a lengthy explanation. Be mindful of students that feel anxiety about assessments. Allow students the opportunity to ask questions about assessment at any time now or in the future. Remember that some IEPs and 504 plans may require accommodations for a student when it comes to assessment.

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