September 2021

Spot 100 game setup. A bean bag critter inside a hula hoop for each time along the sideline. Poly floor spots randomly placed inside the basketball court area with buckets and crates as targets in the middle area.

The Spot Game

Scatter poly spots around targets such a buckets, crates, laundry baskets or free standing baskets. Create teams of 2-4 players. Each team is given a game object such as a small foam ball, a bean bag, or a stuffed critter. One player from each team takes the game object and finds a floor spot. With

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Attendance should be taken every class, every day. It is your role and responsibility as a teacher. Set up procedures and routines for attendance. Seating charts can be a helpful visual aid for the teacher to take attendance and learn names. There seems to be some debate about traditional squad lines for attendance.  It is

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Have You Ever?

Give each a player a floor spot. Have the players place the floor spot on the floor at least 6′ away from another player and form a large circle. Establish the rules. Players must walk. The teacher will ask a question that has a yes or no answer. Each player determines if the answer is

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Point Rally uses affiliate links. For more information click here. Scatter floor spots around the goal. Start a timer.  Players attempt to make as many goals as possible from any floor spot until a stop signal is given.  One point is awarded for each goal.  Repeat for each player.  The round is over when all players

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If standards are the goal then curriculum is the plan to achieve that goal.  The curriculum may be general or specific about what and how to teach a subject.  It may include learning objectives, materials, lesson plans, and assessment. Some districts may require strict adherence to the curriculum.  Other school districts may be more flexible. 

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