Wellness – Day 7 Sing

Music transcends boundaries. It brings people together for concerts, dances, musicals, and worship. For some, it is a career. For me, it is a hobby. I started out playing the guitar and naturally progressed to singing along with the chords. Singing was something I did while driving alone in a car, showering, or singing along with hundreds or thousands of others at concerts. It was private in many ways. I am not a natural performer. Then, something started to happen. The more I practiced, the more I loved it, and the better I sounded. There is something satisfying about matching the vibration of the guitar strings and my voice. And fun. It is soulful. It is not perfect. I have learned to keep strumming and singing even when a mistake is made and that most people do not even notice the mistakes. That last statement is a life lesson as well. Turn on a favorite song and sing along!