Spot 100 game setup. A bean bag critter inside a hula hoop for each time along the sideline. Poly floor spots randomly placed inside the basketball court area with buckets and crates as targets in the middle area.

The Spot Game

Scatter poly spots around targets such a buckets, crates, laundry baskets or free standing baskets. Create teams of 2-4 players. Each team is given a game object such as a small foam ball, a bean bag, or a stuffed critter. One player from each team takes the game object and finds a floor spot. With one foot on the floor spot, the player attempts to underhand toss the game object into the target. If the player misses the target then the player collects the game object and returns to the team. If successful, the player picks up the floor spot, retrieves the game object, and returns to the team. The next player takes a turn. Repeat until all floor spots have been collected.