Team Teachers

Team teaching can mean different things in different situations. Classroom teachers may be part of a team where each teacher teaches a different subject to the same group of students. A team teacher may be a second teacher in the classroom that assists with teaching and learning for all of the students or some with IEPs. Team teaching in Physical Education may consist of a second teacher that teaches while the other teacher has a break. If both teachers are full time employees at the same school then there is a good chance that the teachers’ schedules will overlap. This means that two classes will be scheduled at the same time in the same location. Sometimes there are ample facilities to allow each class their own space, especially when outdoor options are available and weather permits. If not, teachers will have to figure out a way to work together. This can be a real challenge when different philosophies, teaching styles, and personalities are tasked with working together. Sometimes it works well. Sometimes it does not. It is important to communicate with team teachers to prepare for the first day of school and beyond.