Emergency Procedures

Be prepared.  Emergency by nature means it can happen at any time.  Emergency procedures for a teacher can be categorized in three ways:  safety drills,  school closings,  and personal emergencies.  During those first few days of school review and practice a fire drill. There are other safety drills such as containment drills, weather drills, and train derailment drills to name a few.  Practice the others as instruced. Don’t panic if you feel like you can’t remember every detail to every plan.  Keep a written set of guidelines  for the drills and your rosters with you or nearby at all times. 

Unexpected school closing and delays can happen at any time.   In my experience as a first year teacher, school was closed the third, fourth and fifth  day of school.  Two were weather related but the third was an electrical issue.  A weather closing is not usually without some warning but schools have closed for unexpected water main breaks and heating system failures to name a few. Become familiar with the communication chain for emergency closings. Update: The night I posted this blog, Hurricane Ida hit the area. Schools were closed, delayed, or switched to virtual. The latter is a new option that has been utilized post-pandemic.

Emergencies can also be personal.  There are car accidents, equipment failures, dead car batteries, floods, fires, illness, and other people that depend on you that may need your help. Be prepared and know what to do if you, personally, are met with an emergency and are unable to fulfill your teaching responsibility.  Become familiar with how to obtain a substitute teacher. Be prepared with three to five days worth of emergency lesson plans. When preparing emergency lesson plans keep in mind that a substitute teacher may be called in last minute and may or may not have a Physical Education background.  Choose activities that are simpler in terms of equipment needs and set up, instruction, and monitoring.

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