Preparing for the First Day of School


A consequence is the result of an action. Consequences can be positive or negative. Take time during the first few days of school to explain expectations then consequences. Utilize positive consequences such as rewards to motivate the class. Utilize negative consequences to maintain a safe learning environment. Safety must be maintained at all times. A […]

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Most school districts will have in-service days before, during and/or after the school year.  During this time, teachers may attend meetings, listen to a guest speaker, participate in activities within the school district, or participate in activities off school grounds.  New teachers, whether new to a district or new to teaching altogether, often have to attend additional in-service

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A roster is a list of students that are scheduled in a class.  It is needed for attendance, emergency drills, seating charts, and substitute plans.   It is important to keep rosters current.  Update the roster as new students, schedule changes, and scheduling errors occur.  Keep rosters in a safe and easily accessible location.

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There are many different schedules in a school. There is the daily schedule sometimes called a bell schedule. There are teacher schedules that contain classes, prep periods, lunch breaks, and duties. There are student schedules. There are half day schedules, delayed opening schedules, early dismissal schedules, and conference schedules. There are facility usage schedules. There

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Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

An Individualized Education Programs (IEP) is a legal document that tailors an education program to an individual with a disability.  The process begins when a student is referred to special services by a teacher, parent, or other education staff member for an evaluation. If the student qualifies for special education services an Individualized Education Program

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Both IEP and a 504 plans are designed to promote student learning. A 504 plan is not part of Special Education. It is for students that require accommodations but not necessarily specialized education. For example, a student may need more time for a test for anxiety rather than comprehension. The term 504 plan is derived

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Assessment is a tool that measures student performance and gauges student learning. Some Physical Education programs may have premade assessments that are expected to be used. These would be found in the curriculum or via a Supervisor. Other programs rely on the individual teacher or department to determine how students will be assessed. A grade

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